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Dispensary Change Process

Medical Cannabis Patient Program - Dispensary Change Process

• Those who have an account in the system will log in with their Username and Password. “Online Services” will be in the upper right corner and once opened, “Change Dispensary” should be selected under “Activities”, then “Start”. The current dispensary will be displayed with an alphabetical list of all dispensaries below that to select for the change. Anyone with provisional access will need to print another letter showing the new dispensary.
• Patients who have never set up an online registration will need to do that in order to have a contact with a Username and Password in the system. Once that is done, a dispensary change can be submitted as above.
• For assistance with obtaining or resetting your Username and/or Password, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health via phone 1-855-636-3688 or email at: [email protected]
Please note: The transfer process can vary between 20 minutes up to 1 hour. We are happy to check the status of your transfer by dialing us at 309-863-2135 with the Qualifying Patient # off of your card.